About Smart Link

SmartLink Management Inc. provides world-class project management solutions.

Beyond our strategic support, we provide tactical support to ensure project budgetary needs are minimized and met and key business goals are achieved. This includes delivering permit approvals, traffic impact assessments, land evaluations and more. We work to deliver commercial and residential projects, provide expert advice for real estate investing, property development, TOD and TOC as well as how to conduct property negotiations.

We support our clients and their complex projects with A to Z lifecycle project management, engineering and technological consulting services from concept to commission. Our vision is to make our client's vision come true, by being committed to delivering topnotch project execution.

Our over 25 years of project delivery excellence and integrated solutions enable us to maintain our success as a company that adapts and strives through projects in an ever-changing world.



Property Definition

Development, acquisition, expropriation, professional CAD/GIS services


Leading property negotiations, developing agreements, finalizing construction and maintenance contacts, as well as entrance/access agreements.


Expert advice based on comprehensive analysis of initatial land estimates, business risk and analysis, loss and injurious affection claims


Management of permits, approvals and implementation for environmental obligations, third party project approvals, official planning and zoning amendments (OPA/ZBLA), and site plan approvals


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